Scientists Just Broke Laws of Physics

The Laws of Physics are there as a way to understand how our world functions, but that didn’t stop an ambitious group of scientists from breaking the Laws of Physics with their insane new invention! What does that mean for humanity? Find out right now in today’s epic new video!


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  1. 🤦‍♀️ why are we still trying to claim gravity as a separate force than electromagnetism with a temporal parameter? The freaking muon moves faster because they didn’t consider scaling the time relative to the size of the particles. 🙄 Why are we still so behind on these theories? If people would just learn hermetics, they’d see the law of correspondence and align their universal theories a lot more precisely. This just makes me frustrated since the mistakes are so glaringly obvious and these reporters know nothing about general relativity in relation to metaphysics as it pertains to quantum physics. 😒

  2. An error for those viewers who need to know: the g-2 referred to is actually the Anomalous Magnetic Moment not the Magnetic Moment (which is just "g factor").

  3. 10:13
    I felt that. When I talk about our existence in the universe or why things are the way they are, people like to call me a nerd. It may not be interesting to them as it is to me. But we are the only species on this planet who can think about these things, who are capable questioning our own existence. Yet, people consider it unimportant

  4. It´s impossible to scientist to break laws of physics, rather than to develop new models wich explains reality and make previously unknown predicitions in a better way than old models do.

  5. I predicted that this muon defies the law of physics, 4week ago no cap. I tell you now that the muon is going to be the key to interstellar travel an will power crafts like the saucer where they use muon to move through atmospheres with ease, I bet you all right now

  6. You can't break the laws of physics like going through a stop sign. If you have a phenomenon that doesn't go along with modern physics; then physics has to bend to your phenomenon. So saying that they broke the laws of physics is literally impossible. Besides we already know how to do all of this have since the 50s.

  7. You can tell by smell what KIND of people someone's been around? I think you mean you can tell what activities to which one may have been in proximity. You can hardly make a moral or social judgement about someone just because they drink or smoke or wear perfume…I mean, one CAN judge what KIND of people some folks are based on smell alone, but it would just make one very shallow…and often wrong. Also, just because this person smells of alcohol and cigarettes doesn't even mean he was around other people…just in a place that smelled of these things. I'm hoping that scientists using a super collider are a bit more judicious in their inferences.

  8. Why is the exact tracking of each and every single fragment of the untold trillions that are created from each of the atoms that are smashed together necessary, when according to what everyone is being TOLD, if the objective is to find one certain particle? It would seem as if you are attempting to recreate the atoms themselves which would indicate a beam me up Scotty possibility. Could the atoms be assembled in their original order in another location or even another time?

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